I’m Chris. I live in south St. Louis, MO.  I cook a lot at home including some more elaborate and time consuming dishes. I’ve found there are some things I avoid or try once and aren’t successful so I don’t return to them.

I thought a blog would be a good place to explore dishes I’ve struggled with or avoided altogether. It’s a way to motivate me to try new food and experiment with new ideas. Also, hopefully it will be helpful to document what goes wrong and figure out ways to overcome the difficulties. So a lot of posts will serve more as a notebook to document what I’m currently working on, rather than revolve around well-tested and refined recipes.

A lot of my cooking revolves around Italian, Mexican and southwest flavors, but I’m trying to branch out into some Asian dishes as well as incorporate more seafood. So expect to see a lot of food related to those topics along with an occasional dessert.

What you won’t see: cupcakes.

Disclaimer: This is strictly home cooking. Specifically, my home. Nothing I post here is intended to represent the ultimate, best or most authentic version. Most likely it will be none of those things, but merely my attempt to create any particular dish to the best of my abilities at any given time.

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