Limoncello – Part 1

Limoncello Ingredients

I’m adding a Works in Progress page to the blog. I have quite a few things on my list to try that take weeks, if not months, to make. So rather than waiting until they’re completely finished, I thought I’d make updates along the way to track their progress.

I made limoncello a few years ago with vodka as the alcohol base and enjoyed it, although the end product turned out a bit more cloudy than I wanted it. The goal this time is to try a few different filtration techniques and see what works best. Also, I want to see if it’s possible to extract more flavor from the fruit zest by using a stronger alcohol. It doesn’t really get any stronger than Everclear.

St. Louis trivia fact – did you know that Everclear is made in St. Louis? I just recently discovered this fact. After driving to our local grocery store for years right across from the building with the big Luxco sign, I finally got around to looking up just what Luxco was. It turns out they are the makers of Everclear, among other liquors.

Unsurprisingly, Everclear is really harsh. To mellow it out a bit I poured it through a Brita water filter 5 times. It’s still pretty fiery since it’s 95% alcohol, but the filter did seem to smooth it out a bit, so hopefully this will help the end product. For this batch of limoncello I started with around 15 lemons, and just as an experiment threw in one orange. I used organic fruit, which should be pesticide and wax free. After washing, drying and then zesting all the fruit with a microplane, I ended up with around 40 grams of zest. This all got combined in the sealed jar and put into the cabinet. The lemons all got juiced and then frozen in ice cube trays for future use.

Limoncello zest

I’ll give it a little shake every few days and see how it looks in 4-6 weeks, although it’s possible the Everclear will extract the flavors faster than that. After that the plan is to divide it in to two or three portions and try some different filtration methods before diluting it and adding sweetener.

5 thoughts on “Limoncello – Part 1

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  2. Stevie

    Although I’ve never tried it, I’ve seen this made with the rind of the lemon cut in long strips as opposed to microplane zesting. I suspect a few layers of cheese cloth or a coffee filter might be your best friend in this instance! Can’t wait to see your results!

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